Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3 things that I am complaining about (with or without good reason).

The irony of this post is that the previous one was entitled "Thankfulness." In which, while sitting here, I have discovered that in the midst of these seemingly ridiculous things, I do have much to be thankful for.

1) Taxes. I don't mind paying them. I don't. What I do mind is the system. How more complicated can they be to the average American? And I would consider myself to be slightly above-average considering I went to college, and can read and do basic arithmetic (most of the time). Certainly one of the highly educated individuals at the Internal Revenue Service office has thought of a better way. Let's let he or she speak up! However, I am thankful for e-file, despite the fact that technology and I rub each other the wrong way.

2) Golf. I don't understand why I keep playing. The whole game frustrates me. The way that every single muscle in your body has to be doing the perfectly right thing in order to hit the ball half way decent. Yet, I am thankful for friends to golf with and beautiful spring evenings. Things that I am blessed with and take for granted most often.

3) I forgot. Yes, that was it. The fact that I am losing my mind. Today I made sure that no one was using the copy machine, put extra paper in the tray, sat down at my desk about to click "print," but then absent-mindedly went on to other unrelated tasks. I think it was 20 minutes later before someone asked me if I was done printing. For a moment I couldn't remember that I needed to print anything at all.

...Also, I am thankful for creative license. Because if I were to count the sentence fragments in this post they would be innumerable.

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