About this space on the world wide web...

Almost seven years ago, at my dorm-issued desk this little blog was born.

It was never meant to be something, except a more sophisticated-English-education-major-version of Xanga. But over the years it's unintentionally chronicled so much. 

Everything from the empty, lonely spaces after college.
To cutting hair and buying couches. 
Reminding myself that I can cease from striving because I do know the end of the story. 

So sometimes on this blog I write about deeply theological things I'm thinking through, but other times it's just verbally vomiting all that I love about art and music and coffee, generally using sentence fragments.

And I also decided one day that I'd be a freelance graphic designer.
Which is a crazy story. Much of that is documented here too. 

And while I'm still trying to figure out what this blog is and should be - my wish for you, the reader - is that through reading whatever I write, you would be still and KNOW that HE is God

Other than that, I want to love Jesus and the gospel more than anything else. 

(Also, my lovely friend Sierra took these pics. Isn't she beyond talented? Please check out her website while you're at it.)