Friday, November 7, 2008

Cease striving and know that I AM God.

That has been the theme of my life lately. Sadly, I didn't invent it; it came from Psalm 46:10.

Subbing has been so inconsistent. It drives me to insanity most days. In fact, it causes me to strive. Another version of this verse says to "be still." Over and over again I have been reminded to let go of my anxiousness and to be quiet before the Almighty, omniscient God. More often than not, that is when I see Him work in my life. So many times I have been praying that God would provide for me and no less than two minutes later the phone rings. Having the same dispostion as the Israelites, stupidly I don't recognize His goodness and grace automatically.

Not only is He faithful to provide jobs and money and food, He also provide opportunities to minister and exercise my education. Emily (the other half of Calvary's dinamic duo) and I are coaching the JV girls' basketball team at PCS. Thus far, from this experience, I have learned two things. 1) I have improved since high school. 2) I don't don't as much about basketball as I previosly thought. On top of that, the college and career group at Liberty has taken off. The girls meet for coffee or have dinner parties. Plus, they humor me by playing Loaded Questions.

I always think up these great ideas to "blog" about when a computer is far from reach. Those ideas have slipped from my memory.

More to be written later...grace and peace until then.

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