Tuesday, November 25, 2008

27 random reasons to be thankful.

1. Warmth- as in clothes, houses, and fires.
2. Unsuccessfully setting the house on fire last night.
3. Coffee, coffee shops, just plain, black coffee in general.
4. Family.
5. New shoes.
6. Cell phones: what would we ever do without them?
7. Non-fiction novels.
8. Art.
9. Beth Moore Bible studies.
10. The biblical education I received at Calvary.
11. Cute 7th graders.
12. 4th graders who will get excited about anything you say is cool.
13. Pie- apple, pumpkin, pudding.
14. Self-controls.
15. Straighteners.
16. My Bible I received before graduation.
17. Popcorn, all kinds: cinnamon sugar, cheese, garlic-onion, ranch, plain salted popcorn.
18. Vera Bradley.
19. Thanksgiving cards.
20. Good conversations.
21. White chocolate peppermint mochas- probably one of the best drinkable things in life.
22. Libraries.
23. Bananas. Fruit in general, lately.
24. Eureka, Illinois
25. Westbrooke Church.
26. Having the opportunity to coach basketball.
27. The fact that there are 56,798 more things to be thankful for.

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sar.yoc said...

Did you get my Thanksgiving card?
three weeks and a few days...