Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"I would walk right back through the rain, back to every broken heart on the day that it was breaking."

Today, for some reason, I skimthrough some of my previous blogs keeping in mind that I never proofread anything and find a horrific number of semi-embarrassing spelling and grammatical errors, so to you few who read this: I am dutifully sorry and I cannot and will not say it won't happen again.

Now there once was this place in time when the coolest, most addictive thing was called Xanga. I haven't bothered to look at it in awhile, but today I did. My last post was over two years ago, on the same day that my pet fish Ferdinand (named after Shakespeare's The Tempest) died. I realize that I have many of the same hopes and dreams as I did when I opened the thing many years ago. I want to run a mararthon, open a coffee shop, and attend the London olympics in 2012. I don't feel any closer to those dreams than I did in 2006. I've played golf though. And as I documented my last memories of Calvary on this page, Xanga posted my first thoughts of how dorm life had forever changed me. I realize too that I had forgot a lot of good times too: Chucky, Taco Bell family, the best Valentine's day ever, burning hams, and the list goes on. I notice how completely egocentric I am.

Disappointingly I haven't met a real Matt Kingsley- somedays I think I have.
And no one has ever taken me on a picnic to the center of an outfield either.
Dreams are still dreams.

Zach Grienke is still my favorite pitcher. Fall may be my favorite season. And I do love Josh Groban. From the highschool-ish Xanga to the more adult and sophiticated Blogspot, not many things have changed at all.

Have I ever mentioned that my pet peeve is people who talk too loud in libraries?


Anonymous said...

oh the days of Xanga...yea, i would have to agree that a lot of my hopes and dreams are the same and i don't feel any closer to them than 4 years ago...and time is just flying by since graduation!!!

Laura said...

Matt Kingsley...sigh:)

I love reading your blog, Kayla! You should be a writer! You would be so good! By the way, I am reading Girl Meets God, and it's very interesting:) I can't wait till finals are done so I can keep going!!

Bec said...

happened upon your blog somehow. i love your personal and engaging writing style! hope you're having a great year, Kayla!