Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh the drama!

I am ending the last few weeks of my serving career and there are a number of things I want people (well, the four people who read this blog) to know. These are in no particular order, and in most cases generalities.

1) To all of the people that work in restaurants: leave the drama at home. Leave all of your drug dealing at home. Leave all of your psychiatric problems at home. Leave all of you're infidelity at home. Leave it ALL at home. I understand people have friends at work, but do your job. Chat later. Whine later. Please, punch walls later.

2) Respect people. Respect authorities. Respect you managers. Respect your server.

3) This third comment has been mentioned numerous times by my fellow co-workers, and I agree. If a server goes above and beyond for you, such as getting you a drink to go when you leave, or if you are an obsessive diet coke drinker and could jug a pitcher and that server always brings you refills, or if you need 20 (literally) different types of sauces, please tip them extra. And this is probably the biggest issue in my mind: if you sit in a booth for over an hour after eating, tip well, because you are soaking up a server's ability to make money.

4) Don't order something that's expensive, don't realize it and then only tip 5% because you didn't read the price. Really, it's not the servers job to quote prices, that's what the menu is for. You wanted crab cakes, no one forced you to order them.

5) Keep in mind $2.13 is swallowed up by taxes.

6) Control your kids. Make sure they are not rolling around the restaurant on their Healey's, or whatever they're called.

7) This isn't a pet peeve, but it a societal issue that I have observed most recently. If you are married, do NOT go out to lunch alone with a member of the opposite gender. I don't care if you're co-workers. I don't care if the relationship is platonic. No wonder there are so many divorces in this country. Everything begins by entertaining a thought. That thought may begin over lunch. When I get married (someday) I can't even imagine going to lunch with a male who is not my husband. I am to be wholly devoted to him. Going out with other guys isn't. All of this is not how God intended it to be. It makes me sad. I hope my marriage will be an example to the rest of the world.

While I have spilled the beans on the restaurant world, and portrayed it as not a happy place, I've learned a lot. I have learned more about humanity and their depravity more than any anthropology class could have ever taught me. There is a whole lost and dying world out there who need Jesus, and they don't even want to hear it. Pray for these people. The people that make the food, serve the food, and eat the food.

These people are starving.

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