Sunday, April 6, 2008

Procrastinating, once again.

Papers and tests to grade.
Applications to fill out.
Dishes to wash
Carpet to vacuum
Lessons plans to write
Books to read

...That's my to do list.

I'd rather write. To my window, the weather looks cold and wet and rainy. My mood is cold and wet and rainy. Blah.

Life goes by so fast. Oh how I have been reminded this week of the brevity of life. I don't want to take a single second for granted. And here I am wasting my time.

Robin Jones Gunn just released her first book in the "Katie Weldon Series." It takes me back to highschool and Matt Kingsley. So many memories. In all actuality, it's a horribly simplistic plot line, whose characters offer a lack of complexity. Really, it's like eating literary candy. It maintains the addictiveness of sugar intake, which never really satisfies, yet it is so good.

Back to my to do list.

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