Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Seriously, does anyone read this?

It's okay if no one does. In fact, I would rather not know.

Life is peachy. Really.

At the moment, it's around a quarter till eleven. I need to go to bed. There are dishes in the sink that I should wash. I need to iron my pants for tomorrow. And I hope the coffee pot is set. When did I become old?

Natural progression, I suppose.

Student teaching is going well. During my years at Calvary I have often questioned whether this was what I am to be doing. For now, I know this is right. This is where God has lead me and this is where I will remain.
I cannot wait to have my own classroom.

While I love student teaching, gradation cannot come soon enough.

I think it was Jim Elliot who once said something to the affect of, wherever you are- be all there. Even though I am anticipating commencement I really want to soak up this time in life.
My friends won't always be a parking lot away.

Amos is a sarrowful book, but He says, "Seek Me and the Lord and live." (4:5-6) It is when we are seeking, that we are truly living.
I want to live.


Sarah Yocum said...

I read it, just so you know.

KK said...

dear kayla,
this is kristen.
sarah forced me to stalk you.
so now i am.
it was wonderful seeing you last weekend.