Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The End.

These next two weeks will be what is the last chapter in the book called college. It's be fun.
Yes, there have been moments when I have wished I would have done something different with my life. There have been times when I thought that I wasn't headed down the right career path. But then God miraculously brings me back to the summer before I left for Calvary, and reminds me that this was right.

Four years ago I began this adventure, not knowing what to expect, not knowing a soul. Now, I can barely remember what it was like to be away from this place-to be aways from these people. The people that I thought I would be close to have left, and gone on. In all honesty, those people haven't been true friends. But, the people I thought were shallow or different or annoying have become life long confidants. These are the people made of iron-not plastic. Then there are those who I wish I could have gotten to know better- and failed. To those people I am sorry. Still, there are the people who I have experienced many enjoyable, unforgetable, college-esque minutes with. Yet, life happens, and as the years pass on I will probably loose track of them.

September 6, 2004 I wrote this: "...I have met many new people and experienced different feelings and emotions. It's weird to think I am making my friends for life right now, as I pen this."

Yes, I hope these are my friends for life.

Ah, this is only the beginning.

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