Monday, March 10, 2014

Oh man. February was one of the best and craziest months I've ever lived through.
It's the year of the wedding, what can I say?

But it's good to pause and think and reflect. And be thankful.

1// Kim turns the BIG 3-0 and we surprisingly shower her with love and gifts.
2// Work. It's been hard, but good.
3// Snow. Again. And I love it. (I think I'm the only one.)
4// Emergency flower-arranging.
5// Ah. Dear, sweet friends. Grateful to be apart of Jena's special day.
6// And Jena and Andy's first dance.
7// Invitations for Brittany's bachelorette party.
8// Post-wedding, recovery paintings.
9// Ha. Another wedding.

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