Sunday, January 26, 2014

my head. my heart. MY NEED.

David knew better than anyone.

Our hearts are faint.
They fail us.
Our flesh and our hearts - they fail us.
(Psalm 40:12 / 61:2 / 73:26)

But good news!
We have Jesus. And because of what He has done - He doesn't view our hearts as deceitful and wicked any longer (Jeremiah 17:9). In fact, He views us as always having loved our neighbor.*

Yet in Romans 7, Paul reminds us that even though that's how we're seen positionally - our failing, faint hearts are still in the flesh.

We idolize. We covet. We clasp on to too many things white knuckled, not trusting that the war will be won - and has been won. We grasp, tug, pull for things that are of this earth only.

So we are poor. We are needy.
Poor and needy.
(Psalm 40:17 / 113:7)
We recognize that we CANNOT do this life on our own.

Every failing. Every faintness.
Should point toward the One who is not poor. Who is not needy.
The One who is all-sufficient.

It should cause us to rejoice!
First, because He chooses to use us - the poor and the needy.
Second, each faltering of our fleshly hearts should drive us to Him - the Creator, Sustainer. The One whose judgements are unsearchable and whose ways are inscrutable. (Romans 11:33).
Third, what a great comfort to know, to believe that one day, we will not be poor - we will not be needy - because we will have Him, we will see Him for who He truly is.

But until then, we sing with our whole hearts: "Lord, I need You, Oh, I need You, every SECOND I need You..."

* Phrase taken from a talk given by Elyse Fitzpatirck on 1 John 1.

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