Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Information overload.

Today I had the fortuity to work from home.
Truly, in the midst of a crazy week, it allowed me to do laundry between designing a marketing postcard and sorting through staff training outlines.

However, in the midst of this, I was forced to face the messiness of my laptop files.
Disheveled, disorganized. It was utter chaos.
It's the one thing (okay one of many things) I have learned to let go.

Not only that, but I live in the land of blogs and articles and short e-books that I want to read. Emails  piled of half read things that are interesting enough for me to want to read fully, but I forget. Things I want to pin. Tutorials I want to try.

It's a giant mess of information - I want - and sometimes need to consume!
But does any of it really matter?
How do you digest, often good information, with out feeling sick to your stomach?
How can you do it in a God honoring, God glorifying way?

Today I was studying Colossians 3- verse 17 says, "And WHATEVER you do (this includes blogs, emails, pins), in word or deed, do EVERYTHING in the name of the Lord Jesus..."

Why? Because "we've been raised with Christ." (Col. 3:1a)

So these are some guidelines I came up with that I'm going to give a whirl:

1) I don't have to read every blog that comes across Google Reader. Nor do I need to pin every art project or recipe or outfit that does either. And I need to LET IT GO when I think I should.

2) If I find a good article that is worth sharing or re-reading. I now have a folder (a virtual bookcase, so to speak), on my laptop. I'll probably end up with another folder of things I want to read when I have the time.

3) Emails that contain things that I want to read later, I am leaving them marked as unread, until I actually read them or find them annoying enough to delete.

Anything I ought to keep in mind?
How do you keep from being overloaded with information?


Betsy said...

I like your guidelines. It is freeing to realize that just because it's there doesn't mean that you have to read it (or buy it, or pin it, etc.). Information is so readily available to us and in such volumes that if the time comes when you feel like you need to find something, you can easily do that even if you didn't already pin it or save it in your folder. That's what the internet (and people) are for! I have an app on my tablet called Pocket. It's purpose is to hold articles that you want to read later. You just put them in your pocket! It might be available as an add-on for browsers too, but I'm not sure.

Betsy said...

Sorry for the incorrect usage of "it's." I will blame it on auto-correct...

Kayla Michelle said...

I will have to check pocket out! Thanks for your thoughts, Betsy!