Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Turning the world upside down. One camper at a time.

 I know it's still 2012, but I am really excited to see what God will do through our theme in 2013, as Camp of Champions ventures through the book of Acts.

I am probably not at liberty to disclose this, but I'm going to anyway. We're thinking the theme will be "Upside Down." Presenting the idea that the apostles really did turn the world, their communities, upside down as they shared and spread the gospel. This stems from Act 17:6, though because of it's context, it probably won't be our theme verse.

All that to say, we're in the beginning stages of coming up with a logo. Here are some rough drafts for your viewing enjoyment:

What's your vote?


Erika said...

I vote for # 1

Kara Heiniger said...

The first one is so cool and different than all the others!!!

Katie Anne said...

I haven't checked your blog in a while, and I was so excited to see these! My vote is for #1, hands down, but I can see how the 2nd one might appeal to kids more. Scratch that. Go with 1!