Friday, November 16, 2012

A peek into my shallowness...

Part of me wants Thanksgiving to be over so I can enjoy these three things that I have been trying to suppress in my heart for the last three weeks. 

1. Peppermint mochas. I'm more of a black coffee person. But this drink has been near and dear to me since high school. Though obnoxiously over-priced, I look forward to them every year. I. Will. Not. Have. One. Until. Black. Friday.

2. Folk Angel music. Oh, man, I LOVE them. And the fact that they only sing Christmas music makes their albums so much sweeter. Here's a peak:

3. Metallic, glittery nail polish. Holding on to that deep burgundy through next Friday, but then it's this color until New Year's!

1 comment:

the hanzliceks said...

Ohh...I love that color!!! And, I love peppermint mochas as delish!