Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life. Happens.

Over the past month I've been
eating smoked pork loin.
Buying a car.*
Planning Camp for 2013.
Spending time with my mom.
Hanging with junior high kids.
Following K-State football!
Running in cemeteries.
And the list goes on.

Not included in that list is blogging.
Which is the first hobby that goes when life gets crazy.

So unintentionally, I took the month of October off from blogging.
The "Pumpkin Challenge" failed.
But expect to see a few recipes during the month of November.
Okay, at least one.
And I haven't yet posted the "E" in the Time Management series-
you'll see the grand finale in a week or two.

While this month has been busy, it's been blessed with friends and family and fun experiences.
Some doors have opened.
Some doors have closed.
Some wounds have healed.
Some woulds have cracked opened.

But God is faithful.
So I'm looking forward what's ahead for me and for this blog.
Until November...which isn't too far away...

*Stay tuned...a post regarding this should appear tomorrow morning.

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