Tuesday, September 25, 2012

TIME: Make Choices & Changes

So now that we've looked at what the Bible says about how we use our time, evaluated ourselves, and analyzed our schedules, it's time (haha!) to do something with what we've learn.

This is the part that I am bad at. It's one thing to recognize changes need to be made, but it's a whole other story to really act on what we know.

There are five action steps that I have thought through (though I'm not very diligent to do!):

1. Pray and seek godly counsel. (Proverbs 15:22)
Often other people see our weaknesses better than we do. Especially people who know you well. They see the frenziedness when we're blinded by it.

2. Be disciplined. Find someone to keep you accountable. 
You can't do life on your own. And I love what Gordon MacDonald says, "If we are ever to develop a spiritual life that gives contentment it will be because we approach spiritual living as a discipline, much as the athlete trains his body for competition." 

3. Be realistic. It can't happen all at once. 

4. Find a system that works for you. 
  • Google calendar
  • wall calendar
  • Post-it Notes
  • day planner
  • notebook or Moleskin
  • cell phone
  • TeauxDeaux (my personal fave at the office!) 

5. Be a respecter of rest. 
Don't feel guilty for taking a break. BUT when you rest - rest hard.
  • Take (extra) time each week for Bible study and prayer.
  • Schedule in time to do something you really enjoy. Recreate. 
  • Turn your phone off or on silent or chose a day. 

I realize that these steps are a bit vague, but everyone struggles in certain areas of time management. Personally, I fill my schedule to the brim - to the point of exhaustion and no margin. And then when I start to cut out things, I end up wasting my down time on things like...Facebook.

It's a sanctifying process. Remember that.

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