Sunday, July 22, 2012

Six+ Weeks in Review

1) St. Louis to see my internet friend, Ky. She's great.

2) Crafts at Camp! These owls were a hit, and I am so thankful for all the people who collected their toilet paper rolls for many months.

3) With Bible study friends at Thirty-Thirty!

4) Right before going to see Les Mis. The best community theatre performance I think I've seen, ever.

5) It's been a scorcher of a summer. That's how many water bottle I went through at the pool, plus a few refills.

6) I'm an "aunt"! Clancy is just such a cutie!

7) Celebrating the 4th indoors.

8) French toast cupcakes with my BFF.

9) The All-Star Game in Kansas City!!!

10) Running in the ASG 5K.

11) Cookie dough cookies. Can life get any better?

12) My friend Pinky was gracious enough to play a house show in my living room. $148 was raised for camper scholarships.

God is good.
Despite feeling burnt out and worn out, God has placed some pretty significant events and people in my life in which I am BEYOND thankful for.

...and this is only a glimpse.

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