Friday, December 16, 2011

what an afternoon off is worth.

Lately it seems, my post have taken a creative turn. I think the more I learn about God, the more I learn about myself and what I was created for. I truly believe I was created to create. And sometimes I don't always know what that looks like in a vocational sense, but I am willing (today) to commit that to the Lord, and as R. Scott Rodin says in his book The Steward Leader, "We are content to live our story because we trust its author."

Thus, I am content creating at Camp and in my on little corner of the house- the attic.

Yet, I truly believe we are command to be forward thinking. But, wherever we are, we are to be all there (Jim Elliot). There's this tension between living today and planning tomorrow.

However, I always come back to this one thing: GOD IS FAITHFUL.

He is faithful to keep me breathing. He is faithful to provide my needs daily. He was faithful to make way the path of old patriarchs, and so, I can trust, based on His immutability, He will do the same for me.

So, the very fact that I know that He has created me to create, is evidence of His completely gracious faithfulness in my life. While I am still figuring out how that plan will play out, and what the extent of that planning should be, I am content living my story, because He has (and will continue to do) great things for me.

If nothing else, please read these three verses:
Psalm 16:11
Isaiah 25:1
Ephesians 3:20

It will make your day; I promise.

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