Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In and Out of Reality

This past weekend Emily and I headed to our alma mater, Calvary Bible College, to see friends and catch a couple of basketball games. Though I visited the previous weekend for a few short moments, this trip carried more sentimental ties due to the fact we were there for a concentrated period of time.

The reality that I was no longer in college messed with my mind. And this is what I mean: though I felt older, like a had passed that period in life, I still felt in some ways that I belonged- that I had a dorm room or a paper due. Yet, walking in to the cafeteria, I knew no one. A school ran by freshman, Calvary is someone else's now. The gym is someone else's. So is my jersey.

Angie and Hannah and Justin, were there too, making the whole experience more confusing. We made a Quick Trip run (Oh how I miss them!), but it was unexplainably not the same. Calvary is not an ugly building or a piece of property tied up in court. Calvary is people. My Calvary was Angie, Justin and Hannah, my teammates, and the list goes on. So Calvary has a new face, but the Calvary I knew and loved was back, making me feel as though I belonged, but when in reality I didn't.

It boggles my mind how I can feel deeply connected yet desperately separated from a place all at the same time. Such a dichotomy this is.

I cannot say that I have a weekend that hilarious in a long time. When we're all pooled together, we can't stop laughing. My cheeks hurt. I am blessed to have these people in my life.

So, again, college is over and has been for almost a year now. Time certainly does fly. There were times this weekend when I wished I had't taken that time for granted-like Friday chapels or sitting at lunch with friends or playing basketball-but I can't regret that. I must go on and savor the moments I'm living as I type this. God does not tell us to live in the past, but to live what is true today.

Spring is in the air. Enjoy life where you are today.

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