Sunday, May 18, 2008

Green grass.

The grass is mostly certainly greener on the other side.
But I really want the grass on this side to be green too.

However, it's hard to realize that the grass is green when everybody has painted it a shade of brown for you. You graduate from college and everybody has to ask a million times over, "what are you doing for the rest of your life?" I told my mom my today that I've just wanted to tell people that I'm going to begin a career at Wal-Mart. Then people dig deeper and ask if you're dating anyone. If I say yes- that would be a lie. If I say no- it's like they all feel the need to mention all of the young, single men they have ever known. I only mention all this because this is all I have heard since I've been home.

But the grass is green on this side too.

I don't want to forget all of those child-like dreams and aspirations either.

Opening a coffee shop/bookstore.
Writing a book.
The list could go on and on.

How thankful I am to be going to Arizona were the weather is hot.

Sarah says this will be the best summer yet-for the both of us-how desperately I want to believe it.

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Katie Ann said...

kayla...i know how you feel!!! i am getting all those questions as well and it's plain frustrating to me!! but i am learning a big lesson right now to just be content with where God has placed me right now - even if it isn't where i expected to be because God ultimately has a great plan for my life and i need to lay aside "my plan" and just follow God. i hope you do have the best summer yet - you never know what God will do!! :)