Monday, December 24, 2007

I should move to a tribal community and live as the indigenous people...

that way I wouldn't own so many clothes that I would have to wash them.

Yes, its late at night and I am doing laundry. What a pleasure!

I have so many thoughts that I want to write down, but none of them are flowing. Writer's block.

"O Holy Night" was sung this morning at church. I have probably sung this song so many times, and listened to Josh Groban sing it a thousand more. I have a recognized the theology in it, but never until this morning have I thought about the following line: "He knows our need, to our weakness is no stranger." I am thankful that Christ knows my weaknesses, because there are many. He knows my follies. He knows my inmost being. He knows that I get up tight about things. He knows I worry. He know I think about the most insane outcomes to a situation. He knows me entirely, intimately. He knows more about me than I would ever care to know about myself. I wish more people knew this about God.

Secondly, "Holy, holy, holy," was playing tonight at work. It makes me think of the words of Isaiah the prophet. I wish people at work knew Jesus.

I wish people didn't have to grow up, change. It makes me sad, but ecstatic all in the same breath.

Oh, and I am thankful for a best friend, a friends who as the capability to talk in her sleep to make you think she's listening, while you are talk about the most absurd subjects.

That's all I have. I need to go to bed.

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