Thursday, December 6, 2007

All English majors should have a blog, right?

So this has been the first opportunity I have had in an expansive amount of time to go to bed before 10pm. Crazy, I know. Yet, I beginning my own blog because I can't go to sleep. I always thought these things were for those highly, sophisticated yuppys who update in someone trendy coffee shop somewhere living the absolute perfect life. No.

I journal, quite often, in fact. I guess my thought in starting this is to post some of my ponderings. I don't know we'll see where this goes. There is this sense of vulnerability involved, I guess.

I like looking back at my thoughts from years past.
Two years ago from this date (Dec. 6th 2007) I wrote the following:

Here I am on my way to Springfield. The ride has been peaceful....
'Gather my insufficiencies and place them in your hands, place them in you hands.'
I want all of my insufficiencies to be put away--I have so many.

Funny how, even two years later, things don't change.
I am thankful Christ said that his grace is sufficient; his power is perfected in weakness.

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