Tuesday, March 29, 2016


"Do it for the process" a friend hashtags.

Over the past 27 months of freelancing I've learned a lot about myself. And art.
And that it's work. It's good work, but it's work.
All the glamor and beauty I once believed it to be, it's all a facade.

Ten verses from finishing this project I started at the beginning of 2015, I've come to realize that you have to put out bad design and concepts that aren't "you" or you'll never get anything done.

It's held me back and pushed me forward all at once.

Over this past year, looking for my niche and searching for my style, I've determined I like a lot of things. Minimalism and funk, hand drawn and flowery.
There's no reason why we have to put ourselves in boxes. We wouldn't be artists otherwise.

Picasso - he had the blue period and rose period. And cubism.

I've learned to not be afraid.
To not be afraid of putting bad art out there.

Writing or design or painting, I want to fearlessly move forward, to not be inhibited by what I know to be better or what I could be. Or what the girl next door is doing.

And the time. The ticking of the clock, spent staring at a screen, seemingly twiddling my thumbs. Wasting hours, as it feels. It's doing something. I need not be anxious.

So, dear artist-writer-photographer-inventor-creative friend - don't be afraid.
It's a part of the process.

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