Thursday, June 18, 2015

God cares about good art.

Edith Schaeffer, the wife of the famous philosopher and missionary Francis Schaeffer writes in her book Hidden Art

It is not a waste of man's time to be creative. It is not a waste to pursue artistic or scientific pursuits in creativity, because that is what man was made to be able to do.  He was made in the image of a Creator, and given the capacity to create.”

Yes, we believe in God as our Creator and we know that we are made in his image and can reflect his creative attribute. We understand that he fixed the stars in the sky and fashioned the lilies in the field.

But somehow, we overlook billboards and brochures. 
We slap together Power Points like nobody’s business. 

Oh, it’s just another sign-up sheet, we say.


Katie Anne said...

Kayla, the more and more I look at that design, the more I love it! I did go back and add it to the original post. Thank you again for taking the time to write a guest post, and for helping inspire this whole project!

Kayla Michelle said...

So glad you love it, Katie! I made a similar lock screen out of it. I'm going to figure out how to post them on my FB Page.