Thursday, March 26, 2015


Today I am wondering what life would be like if...

Read more.
Wrote more.
Turned my phone off for hours at a time.
Created more.
Cleaned more.
Celebrated the Sabbath more than twice in two months.
Painted more.
Planned spectacular parties.
Purposed to love well.
Prayed more.
Rested. Really rested.
Let this blog be something.
Lived outside of time.
Stopped thinking about what the future could hold
and instead live it out moment by moment.
Wrote less lists.
Or actually read them.
Ate more spinach and steak.
Exercised for enjoyment's sake.
Perused the Wall Street Journal.
Pursued the Peoria art community.
Knew the people in my apartment building.
{and so the list goes on...}

I am wondering what life would be like if my actions proved that I believed Jesus to better, more beautiful, than any of the good things this life has to offer.

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