Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Freelance Files // 5 // Part of a dream.

"Own my own business" has been at the top of every life goal list ever written since the age of six. Starting with the quintessential-American-kid-first business, the lemonade stand. Then there was the door-to-door greeting card selling. Adolescent entrepreneurial aspirations ended with plans to start a web-zine with my best elementary school friend, Brenda. (Which was a bust, but really brilliant when I think about it being the turn of the century and people were still using dial-up.)

Beyond that it was a Kathleen-Kelly-bookstore sort of dream, you know.

But this.
This graphic design thing.
I sort of just fell into it.

And while most days I'm not even sure how to tell people what I do and most days I don't even know myself, I'm grateful, that in a sense, I'm doing what I've always wanted.

I just didn't imagine fifteen years ago it would look like this -

Or this - 

Or this - 

Or this - 

But all put together, I'm thankful that God works. HE IS WORKING. And sometimes it even leads us to live part of a dream. 

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