Thursday, February 6, 2014

Freelance Files // 2

Driving down War Memorial last night a dear friend of mine and I discuss how *Christian* women (I know, large blanket statement), don't think end-all career. We think, I want a flexible schedule.

And maybe I think that all Christian women think that because I think that.
But I've never thought, I want to be a successful graphic designer.
I never even really thought, I want to be a graphic designer.

My main motivation is and continues to be: what can I do that will pay the bills and allow me to meet with girls and be available to help serve in the church?

Because for the longest time I was waiting around to get married and have kids for this to happen.
And, well, realistically, I could be waiting for that forever. 1) I may not get married. 2) I may have to work even if I am. 3) Jesus may come back sooner than I think.

Realizing I'm good enough at graphic design to make money - just enough survive - has made having a flexible schedule possible RIGHT NOW. Right now.
But it's never been my goal to make money. Or to be a designer.

Don't get me wrong.
I love art.
I love creativity.
I love creating.
I love when it's done well.
However, getting to spend time with people and talk about the Bible - and this word is overused but it's the only thing that fits - intentionally, is my mac-n'-cheese, so to speak. It's the best.

And this has all afforded me the time to meet with young women and older women and lead Bible studies and go to Snow Camp and stop in the middle of the day to take phone calls.


Back in 2005 I was sitting on a hard pew during Mission's Emphasis Week at the college I attended. It was Friday. The last day of the conference. And much like an alter call, the speaker told everyone that felt a nudge towards the 10-40 Window or anything else international to stand. And all I could do was stay seated while masses were on their feet.

I just want to live somewhere where people need to learn and grow to be more like Jesus. I want people to feel free to come and go from my house. And I want to be able to drop things in a moments notice to help someone. People need Jesus here in the United States too, I thought.

Could God change that desire? Yes, He could. In a moments notice.
But for right now I'm living in that sweet spot that I felt called to nearly a decade ago.


So I'm grateful.

Graphic design. It's just a means. Not an end.
Not an end-all career. Just a job that's conducive to a flexible schedule to make ministry more possible.

ministry > graphic design


Betsy said...

I like that last line a lot! I'm so happy you're able to blog more these days, because I love reading what you write!

Ashley said...

Kayla, I love the straightforward honesty of this. And I can relate. I've never really felt a call to the 10/40 unreached window either. Obviously it's a very important mission field. But if I've ever felt drawn to that "window" it has been from a guilt-trip someone put on me. I know my heart is in discipleship, and in camp ministry, and in someday ministering to a husband and raising a family. Your heart is obviously very much in discipleship and marriage, too. It's a needed ministry...and it's where WE are needed because it's where our passion is.

Just my thoughts! Thanks for sharing yours :-) Love you!

Kayla Michelle said...

Ah, Ashley! We speak the same language. You're so right: "it's where WE are needed because it's where our passion is." So thankful for you!