Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Love is a truly selfless place."

For the better half of an hour I have typed and backspaced.
Because I just don't know how to say it.

Other than, this weekend I get to witness two dear friends marry.

To me, their journey towards marriage has been monumental.
Their relationship - it's changed me.
My thinking.
My perspective.

For the longest time I had this Bible-college-meet-someone-during-welcome-week view of finding someone. Young and fresh and idealized. Butterflies and pin needles.
(And that is true and right and good for some.)

But for Andy and Jena, it's been "let's walk with God and see."

They've asked questions like, what is love?
Would I delight to lay my life down for this person?
Am I interested in this person's eternal good?

Man, that's what Jesus did.
He laid down His life - for His friends - for their eternal good.

Ephesians 5:22-33.

And so Andy and Jena are a reflection of that to me.
Painted perfectly in Scripture, a picture of Christ and His Church.
Friends, laying down their lives for each other - for the other's eternal good.
Out of fear - a complete trust in God's sovereign good will for their lives.

And so if you don't watch another YouTube video in your life, watch this one.
Tim Keller will cause you to re-think what you believe about love and marriage and his thoughts represent Andy and Jena and the Bible well.

"Love is more than just a state / it's a truly selfless place."

So here's to Andy and Jena and the beginning of a life together as one.
As a mirror, reminding people of Christ and the love He has for His Church.
Undoubtably, I am excited to see how God uses them to make His glory known.

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Ashley said...

This post, along with that message from Tim Keller, might have just rocked my entire view of relationships and marriage. Wow.