Monday, December 16, 2013

I am reminded that community is a large, immense, magnificent gift.
God created this. For us.
We serve a loving, gracious God.

I've started. And restarted a post entitled comm-unity. It's never gotten far.
But the gist is: community is being with people in unity.
And these are the people I'm with. In unity.

We like different things. Listen to different music. Wear different clothes. Have different jobs.
But we have ONE THING in common. Jesus.
He is all to these friends.
And that's most important.

[And so I recognize, as you scroll through these pictures, you'll probably think, a Ken doll with no arms and legs? I know, none of these gifts make sense, but they're what's brought us laughter over the course of a year, or two.]

I can't describe what each of these people have meant to me over the course of this year specifically.
A. lot. is all I've got right now.

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