Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boldly barging.

Hard things. Hard decisions. Hard conversations. 
The year has been full of them. 

But God is overwhelmingly, immensely good. 

Because in the hard things, decisions, conversations. The Word says that this IS NOT all there is. 
Something far better awaits - a place where I can "be glad and rejoice forever" (Isaiah 65:18). And so I can boldly barge my way into the future knowing I know the end of the story. 

Still, in the already, but not yet of the Kingdom as Paul Tripp, Matt Chandler and Sarah Bessey have all described in my readings this year, I can revel in this space. 

This space of witnessing dear friends marry. And get engage. And say "yes, we could be right for each other, but let's walk with God and see." And in laughter and in love and in ministry, in travels, in seeking and in wandering. And even in the dishes. 

I can love where I'm at because I know what awaits- awaits forever.
I can be glad and rejoice RIGHT NOW.

Yes, this is life as I know it.

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Ashley said...

Yes, yes, yes to this. Thank you. I so understand living in this "space," and though it's painful and frustrating at times, it's good because HE's good, and you described that eloquently.
Hugs to you, friend!