Saturday, May 18, 2013

Walking is Discipleship.

Yesterday I went running.
And the reason I like to run - well, one reason - is that I get to a) think and b) observe people.
By myself. An introverts, dream come true, really.

So as I'm plodding along, I see two, approximately 10 year old girls, strolling down the road ahead. It reminds me of me and my best elementary school friend, Brenda.
We spent our summers walking the streets, drinking Slurpees.
And I think to myself, my most formative years were spent going on walks with people. My best friends. My mom. Dad.

The people I am the closest to - are the people I walk with.
These are the people I hash out life with. WITH.
Even now, 17 years later.

Jesus' and His disciples - they did A LOT of walking.
They walked everywhere. Together.
I can only imagine what they talked about and hashed out - together - in community.
I have to be careful, because I don't have biblical proof, other than there was no other mode of transportation mentioned other than walking.
But in Jesus says in Matthew 28: 19 "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..."
The going is implied in the Greek, I'm told. So in other words, while you're walking - doing life with people - MAKE DISCIPLES.

People, I've discovered, open up when you're walking.
(The chemical stimulation of exercising? I don't know.)

Anyway, I have to ask myself these questions:
1) Who do I go on walks with?
2) When I do, what do we talk about?
3) Do I ask intentional - spiritual - questions?
4) I'm sure there are more things I could and should ask myself.

I know the irony of this - I came to this conclusion while running - by myself.
But walking, walking is to be done with people.

Go on a walk. With someone. 

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Erika said...

I tend to go on walks by myself--No One I know likes walks. And with my shin splints I have to walk slow= so better walks alone.