Sunday, January 27, 2013

Thoughts on Singleness.

This lady says it better than I ever could.

"There is no person on earth that should have the power to speak into us value or worth in such a way that it secures our identity...Don’t be ashamed by your insecurity.  Don’t try to cover or conceal or fill it with positive thinking or encouragement from mortal men.  Let it drive you to cling to God as your only hope.  Let no one but God – not friends or yourself – convince you that you are worthy and loved.  Let His word be the only balm to the broken soul."

My identity is only in Christ. And the single life forces me to recognize that.
I don't want to let this time in life pass me by.

"You will waste your pain of rejection if you don’t let the affirmation of God fuel your role in community and the Church."

And I can't help but leave you with a song. 

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Erika said...

wow I was just talking to Andy about this. My identity in christ.