Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Day Late. A Picture (or 4) Short.

Putting together picture collages has helped remind what I am thankful for, and in that to cease from striving during this stressful time of year. So sorry for the content-less posts.

1) I LOVE this year's theme song and enjoyed watching the directors put together the motions at training. I cannot wait to hear little voices singing the lyrics.

2) This was my work station during Director Training. Carefully positioned, of course.

3) Chief's baseball. Can there be any more errors in a game?

4) Me and Betsy! She's such a sweet friend to me. She probably could fire me if she wanted to.

5) Thirty-Thirty Coffee bright and early on Saturday. I now know where the above 50 crowd spends their mornings.


Erika said...

I've been thinking about you and camp. Hope it's a great summer!

Betsy said...

Ohh, Kayla! I love seeing your picture collages. I think they are a great testament to how you are spending your time and living life to glorify God. Thanks for sharing!