Thursday, January 19, 2012

Buy the Couch, but Don't Sit on it

A few months back I went on a date (and just a warning, the following is an example of my over-analytical thinking) and the gentleman I was with mentioned that he had a really junky couch (for lack of a better description) because he was hoping that one day his future wife would want to pick one out that she liked. On the surface it sounded dear and thoughtful. But then I thought, which usually only leads me into trouble, buy the couch!

You could have bought the nice couch, sat on it for ten years, and if you get married tomorrow, it would be time for a new one anyway. 
And by saying this, I don’t wanted to belittle this guy’s thoughts or ideals because I truly believe he was saying it out of kindness towards his future wife, but what I do want to communicate, mainly to my single friends, is that we can’t put life (or couches) on hold because we’re are waiting to get married. 
All in good stewardship of resources, buy the couch or the car or the blender, because Jesus said in John 10:10, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” 
If the couch will facilitate and encourage ministry,
if it will enable you to be hospitable, and disciple people, 
if it will cause you to enjoy God, through enjoying the couch He provided,
Buy the couch!
But don’t sit on it. 
And by this I mean, as singles, we have the tendency, to sit around and wait aimlessly. We have the tendency to not buy the nice couch. But we often sit on the old, tattered one waiting for God to bring us a calling, or a career, or the love of our lives. We have been called to “go” (Matthew 28:19-20) not sit. 
Just Do Something, as Kevin DeYoung says in his recent book.
Meet your neighbors
Have people over for dinner.
Be apart of a Bible study.
Involve yourself in ministry (and it doesn’t have to be full-time).
Do what you love.
Use the talents God has given you for His glory. 
Go ahead, get off the old couch, and go buy a new one. 

How are you planning to get off the couch?

*And as a side note, I have fallen in love with the music of jenny & tyler. I have been listening to "Faint Not" on repeat during the writing of this little vignette. Go to their website and download their latest EP for FREE! 


Erika said...

maybe you wrote this because I needed to hear this. Not that I don't buy a nice couch, but that I do sit around moping and waiting. I've made new goals to get involved, and meet new people no matter how hard it is for me in the inside of where I am at in life.

Kayla Michelle said...

Ha! I wrote it because this is what I need to preach to myself all of the time! I should have you over for dinner now that I live in the big city of Peoria!

Look to Him and be Radiant said...

Awesome post, Kayla, awesome.

Betsy said...

I feel really guilty for telling you that I came home and went straight to the couch tonight! Really good, Kayla.. really good stuff!

Kayla Michelle said...

Oh Betsy, all things in moderation. You did spend most of the day having intellectual conversations (not on the couch) and that can wear a girl out!