Monday, November 14, 2011

Preach It, Brother!

I appreciate what Kevin DeYoung has to say. His arguments make me think. And I think we are on the same theological plane most of the time.

But this article ("Dude, Where's Your Bride?) was icing on the cake for me, because he hit the nail on the head. (Just thought I would throw in some idioms for affect.)
One paragraph sums it up for me.

I don’t think young women are expecting Mr. Right to be a corporate executive with two houses, three cars, and a personality like Dale Carnegie. They just want a guy with some substance. A guy with plans. A guy with some intellectual depth. A guy who can winsomely take initiative and lead a conversation. A guy with consistency. A guy who no longer works at his play and plays with his faith. A guy with a little desire to succeed in life. A guy they can imagine providing for a family, praying with the kids at bedtime, mowing the lawn on Saturday, and being eager to take everyone to church on Sunday. Where are the dudes that will grow into men?

That's all I want. 
All I can say is "amen."

There will be more to come on this, I'm sure (now that the world wide web has been open to me at my house).

And if you haven't done so already, check out my book club's blog. We're slightly ridiculous. Keep your eyes pealed for my forthcoming post, "Why Jane Austen Ruined my Chances of Getting Married."


Laura said...

Hi Kayla! I read this article a few days ago and loved it!! So good and thought-provoking. I'm glad you posted about this. I second your "amen".

Hope you are doing well, friend:)

Look to Him and be Radiant said...

I honestly think that we are more than slightly ridiculous :)
Thanks so much for sharing this article!