Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010; you were bitter-sweet.

Every year on New Years Day or the eve of it, I sit in a coffee shop (almost always Starbucks) drinking a white chocolate peppermint mocha, recalling the past year-- the good and the bad-- formulating goals, putting together a reading list, ect. ect. This year is no different. I'm sitting in Starbucks drinking an obnoxiously over-priced warm beverage, pondering what I should be thinking. And all I can say was 2010 was bitter-sweet. The bitter being letting go, saying goodbyes, being far from home. But the sweet has been learning more about who I am, who I am in Christ, seeing God's goodness and his immeasurable grace everyday-- in the little things.

And I know, you are all on the edge your seats as far as my reading list is concerned, so here it is:
Knowing God- J.I. Packer
Farewell to Arms- Hemmingway
Respectable Sins- Jerry Bridges
American Lion- Jon Meacham (A biography on the Life of Andrew Jackson)
Do Hard Things- Harris
Radical- Daivd Platt

And because of the book Margin by Dr. Richard Swenson, which I would recommend to anyone, I left a margin for those books that just come to you serendipitously.

The year was bitter-sweet, but I measure the greatness of the year if I ended up closer to God than I did the year before, and I can say more than ever before that He has given me reason to trust in His sovereignty, His grace, His love, and I couldn't be more thankful. This year, 2010, was great, and I hope to see more of that greatness in 2011.

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